Dry Guarded Hotplate

Test thermal resistance in textile samples or insulation batting.

Measure textile and insulation thermal resistance

The Dry Guarded Hotplate system measures thermal resistance of textile samples or insulation batting. The standard mesh fabric still air hood allows for uniform ambient conditions without the need for a chamber. The guarded hotplate comes in two sizes, standard 8" or 10" square hotplate with lateral and lower thermal guards, along with two ambient temperature sensors. Custom sizes are available. An optional RH sensor is included with upgrade to a computerized air plenum hood.

Expand its capabilities with additional options

The Thermetrics Dry Guarded Hotplate system uses an electronics-grade copper test plate and guard ring with ultra-stable resistance wire heating to ensure uniform heat flux. With the addition of our 20”x20” Cold Plate compression accessory (includes two Thermo-Electric cooling modules, temperature sensors and power components) and pneumatically-controlled Inversion Table package, the GHP dry guarded hotplate becomes a testing system for sleeping pads as per ASTM F3340-18.

Dry Guarded Hotplate’s specs

  • Two ambient temperature sensors.
  • Mesh fabric hood for D1518 (Option 1) tests.
  • Available options include computer controlled airflow hood with RH and windspeed sensors for ASTM D1518 (Option II) and ASTM F1868 testing. The Cold plate and Inversion Table accessories allow for testing to ASTM F3340.
  • Dell laptop PC with ThermDAC Control Software.
  • For more technical information, see the product spec sheet.

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