External Breathing System

Replicates the cycle, frequency, and volume of human breathing.

External breathing system for respiratory research

Thermetrics offers an external breathing system for our ANDI, Newton, and Thermal Head manikins. Volumetric control is provided by two pneumatic cylinders that are cycled in and out by a servo linear actuator to replicate the cycle, frequency, and volume of human breathing. Each cylinder volume is approximately 1.0 liters, for a total volume of 2.0 liters. The breathing system can be configured to provide temperature controlled and humidified air, with options for particulate and aerosol collection, tracer gas injection, or a constant flow airstream.


System is housed in a rugged ABS suitcase for ease of transport and storage.

Realistic breathing patterns at your fingertips

When installed in a manikin, the breathing manifold is located behind the manikin face to allow for breathing through the nose, or mouth, or any nose/mouth combination. Settings are made by using a control valve accessed through a small hole at the back of the head. The breathing system’s control interface features three user-adjustable variables: tidal volume (0.1-2.0L),

breathing rate (20-40 cycles/min), and I:E ratio (1:5). Thermetrics exclusive ThermDAC control software automatically monitors test inputs and adjusts the motion of the air cylinders accordingly.



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