Sweating TORSO Test Device

A multi-functional tool that combines the best of the sweating guarded hotplate and thermal manikin systems.

A multifunctional test device for complex research

The Thermetrics Sweating TORSO is an upright sweating cylinder test instrument, developed in collaboration with the EMPA research institute for ISO 18640 Part 1. The device is intended to simulate the human trunk with thermal guards on the upper and lower ends. The multi-functional Sweating TORSO performs tests that are more complex than a sweating guarded hotplate but simpler than a full thermal manikin test. It neatly bridges the gap between these instruments.

Easily measure standard or compression fabrics with the Sweating TORSO

The Sweating TORSO device has the ability to measure Thermal Insulation (thermal resistance), Cooling Properties (initial cooling, cooling delay, sustained cooling, and post cooling), Moisture Uptake, Evaporated Moisture, and Drying Rate. The Sweating Torso device streamlines sample preparation because test specimens can be easily made as sewn tubes or fabric swatches that are wrapped around the test cylinder. Spacers can be added to simulate air gaps.

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