Thermal Foot Test System

Quantify the thermal effects of socks, shoe and boot design, insulation, and ventilation.

Accurately assess the thermal effects of footwear

Thermetrics 12-zone Thermal Foot Test System (TFTS) makes it possible to quantify the thermal effects of socks, shoe/boot design, insulation, and ventilation, in environmental conditions ranging from -40°C to +50°C.  Independent thermal zones offer ultra-stable resistance wire heating for uniform heat flux. Optional sole compression system simulates human weight for realistic evaluation of sole/midsole insulation materials.

Articulated ankle and flexing toe for easy dressing

The Thermal Foot Test System’s unique ankle and toe joint is the key to easy installation into even the most rigid footwear – even ski boots or in-line skates. The sweating foot model includes a removable wicking fabric skin and computer-controlled fluid metering system. All Thermal Foot Test Systems come with a Dell laptop PC with ThermDAC control software, providing full device control, fault detection, data logging, and analysis capabilities.

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