Sweating skin system

Computerized fluid delivery to a network of 139 sweat pores over the surface of the manikin

Thermetrics sweating skin system provides volumetric flowrate control by manikin region. It is based on a matrix of pores over the active surface of the manikin and a tightly fitting elastic skin suit to distribute water over the manikin surface.   The fluid supply uses a single constant pressure pump external to the manikin that is connected to the manikin’s internal fluid distribution tubing. Each zone controller within the manikin modulates the fluid volume passing through its on-board flow control valve. This metered volume is divided up between the pores on the surface of manikin. Using the ThermDAC software interface, each manikin zone can be controlled to a specific flowrate setpoint. These flowrates can be adjusted at any time during the course of the test.


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