Thermetrics' COVID-19 Response

On Wednesday, March 25th, Thermetrics officially closed our office to reduce potential transmission of COVID-19 and comply with Governor Jay Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order.  During this time of near-term uncertainty, I wanted to share what Thermetrics is certain about and the commitments we hold dear.

We are committed to our staff.  Our amazing team allows us to do what we do, and their health and safety has been paramount during this outbreak.  At the time of this writing, we are blessed to have zero suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases among our staff or their households, and we have implemented best practices to keep it that way.  We will always look out for our people.

We are committed to our customers.  Although our building is closed, Thermetrics is still operating.  Our sales and customer support teams are readily available to help.  Our engineering team is actively working on current design projects.  Our production team went home on Wednesday with carloads of assembly work they can do at home so that manufacturing can still move forward during the closure.  Our delivery dates will slip during this time, but we will keep in touch with customers and make every effort to catch orders up when we reopen.

We are committed to our suppliers.  The economic impact of COVID-19 will be long-lasting.  For our suppliers operating as essential businesses or working remotely, we will continue placing orders to meet project demands.  For those that are shut down, we will hold orders open and reschedule delivery of goods once they reopen.  Our invoice and payment processing will continue uninterrupted.

We are committed to our global partners.  We have heard from many of our colleagues and agents around the world and our hearts go out to them.  In Asia and Europe, many counties are farther along the outbreak cycle than the USA.  Their leadership and actions are shaping the responses of the rest of the world.

We are committed to the future.  The outbreak and global spread of COVID-19 has brought communities and the world together to help each other.  While we all work to protect our first responders and medical professionals in the near term, we also will rise to future challenges with increased focus on protective apparel development and use.  I’m proud that the Thermetrics team collected our unused protective gear and delivered it to a Seattle medical facility in immediate need.  I’m also excited to learn how Thermetrics can support the research community in combating this type of widespread outbreak in the future.

Please stay safe, stay healthy, support your healthcare workers, first responders, and at-risk communities. 

In solidarity,

Rick Burke

President, Thermetrics