Automotive HVAC Manikin System

The Automotive HVAC Automotive Manikin is a carbon-epoxy 50th percentile Western or Asian male body form fitted with high-accuracy surface-mounted sensors to evaluate the heating and air conditioning systems used in car, truck, or mass transit passenger cabins.

The manikin is jointed at the shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, and ankles.  Hands are mitten-shaped, with a curved, gripping design to allow for proper positioning onto the vehicle steering wheel.  Their shape does not impact air movement, but permits airflow similar to that of a human grip/fist. Thigh backs are flattened to simulate human body compression for realistic seat contact and cabin airflow patterns.

A matrix of sensors measure air velocity, air temperature, radiant heat flux, and relative humidity. Wireless communication capability is included, and each manikin separates at the waist and neck for easy insertion into any vehicle.  Sensors are protected to ensure that no damage occurs during manikin loading and positioning. 

System includes manikin, PC computer, sensors, control electronics with wireless communication capability, and data logging software

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Automotive HVAC Manikin
Automotive HVAC mannequin
air velocity sensors
radiant heat flux
relative humidity. Interior cabin comfort
building interior human comfort testing