Drying Rate Tester 201 complies with AATCC 201

Thermetrics new Drying Rate Tester 201 (DRT201) determines the drying rate of a fabric based on the evaporative rate that occurs when a predetermined amount of water is absorbed into a fabric that is positioned upon a heated plate set to human skin temperature, and then dried with constant controlled airflow.

This device complies with AATCC Test Method 201 - Drying Rate of Textiles: Heated Plate Method

Tests begin with the delivery of a small amount of water (0.2 ml) to the sample, which has been placed onto the hotplate surface. ThermDAC software then displays a real-time graph which charts the sample’s drying rate over time, and upon conclusion of the test automatically calculates the specimen’s drying rate under the measured test conditions.

AATCC Test Method 201
Drying Rate Tester