Hotplate - Mattress - (ST2-XL)

Essential equipment for bedding and mattress testing

A lightweight thermal property and moisture management characteristic evaluator

The ST-2XL Comfort Test System is essential testing equipment designed for rapid evaluation of the thermal and moisture management properties of mattresses, cushions, and bedding materials. Its lightweight design allows it to be utilized by a single technician. It can be quickly positioned as needed to evaluate the regional effects of different mattress cover materials or internal construction methods. When mattress testing, it can be easily weighted to simulate the compressive force generated by a human body.

  • A microprocessor-controlled fluid supply system that precisely regulates flow volume for any sample
  • Dynamic heatflux sensing (positive/negative) that provides real-time measurements of heat loss and gain
  • A 15 in. x 15 in. square active surface, suitable for representation of seated anatomical contours


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