ST-2XL - Comfort Test System

The innovative ST-2XL Comfort Test System is a device developed to support and simplify in-house testing procedures and to help evaluate the need for more advanced thermal instrumentation tests. The ST-2XL can be used on seats/seat backs, cushions, or mattresses to quickly evaluate their thermal properties and moisture management characteristics. The lightweight ST-2XL can be quickly and easily positioned as needed to evaluate the regional effects of different cover materials or internal construction methods - even with highly insulated products such as mattresses and cushioned furniture.

  • Carbon-fiber/epoxy composite construction
  • Single-zone standard configuration
  • Lightweight device for easy use by a single technician
  • Compression weights included (40 lbs total)
  • ST-2XL features high power output for testing thicker materials such as mattresses

The ST-2XL includes computer-controlled fluid supply to simulate human metabolic perspiration levels. All systems include a dedicated PC computer with ThermDAC software.

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