Thermetrics new DRT201 Drying Rate Tester Introduced at the AATCC International Conference

It was a small thing, just one comment from among many heard at the AATCC International Conference, but it captured the essence of our mission here at Thermetrics.

Thermetrics was exhibiting at the AATCC conference in Wilmington, North Carolina, and on display was a new drying rate test device we call the DRT201 (referring to the AATCC 201 test standard). The general consensus was that our new instrument was a marked improvement over systems currently on the market. This feeling was summed up beautifully by an attendee who said the other manufacturer just seemed to have looked at the standards and “followed the recipe” when creating their device, while Thermetrics approached instrument design with a real understanding of what the standards were asking for AND what more could be achieved within them.

And that is what Thermetrics is all about.  We live and breathe and work side-by-side with researchers and test laboratories who specialize in thermal comfort/thermal protection applications.  We do what you do.  So whether it’s a standard product offering such as a sweating hotplate or thermal manikin system, or the development of a new product like the DRT201, or a custom project that harnesses the application of thermal testing technology in new and exciting ways, the Thermetrics team approaches each opportunity with a depth of experience and understanding that’s unmatched in the industry.  

We get it, and our customers reap the benefits.