Liz Female Thermal Manikin Puts in the Reps at Nike’s Innovation Center

We’re excited to share with the Thermetrics community that two of our thermal manikins were highlighted in a recent Fast Company article showcasing Nike’s LeBron James Innovation Center.

Our new female thermal manikin Liz was pictured alongside our Newton manikin on treadmills inside one of the lab’s environmental chambers. Each manikin, garbed in Nike athletic apparel, could be seen being put through the paces in a high-temperature, high-humidity environment, connected to specialized control software. 

Image credit: Photo by Mark Wilson, senior writer at Fast Company

The Liz female manikin, like her brother Newton, is divided into body regions that can be independently temperature- and sweat rate-controlled. The system measures thermal and moisture management behavior of garments in real-time with a high degree of realism. Such data can be used to improve end-user protection and thermal comfort in performance wear and protective apparel.

We commend Nike for taking such a forward-thinking approach to the design and testing of athletic garments for the female form! 

Do you develop performance wear or protective apparel for women; test products for women; or do research into thermal safety and comfort? Reach out for more information about our Liz female thermal manikin and view the full product page here.

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