Big changes unfolding at Thermetrics

This past summer, we created a new division within Thermetrics, “Customer Engagement” to bring our marketing, sales, and product service teams into one cohesive unit. We often say that when you buy a Thermetrics system, you become a partner for life. This shift in company structure will help us ensure that sentiment even as we grow. A critical part of this, of course, includes key team members:


Monet Solberg, Director of Sales and Marketing

We welcomed Monet to Thermetrics at the start of October to oversee the new Customer Engagement division. Coming from a medical device background supporting technical customers with specialized equipment needs, Monet brings a new level of expertise and energy to Thermetrics. You can expect to hear and see more of her in the near future as she becomes more immersed in all things Thermetrics.


Aki Sirkkola, Global Sales Manager 

Aki has been a key part of the Thermetrics team for almost 8 years, managing our service and support function and working directly with customers to keep their Thermetrics devices in top operating condition. This year, Aki made the move across the globe and is now managing international sales from our new Finland office.  


Kevin Bengston, North America Sales Manager

Since 2007, Kevin has been a key part of Thermetrics, serving as Operations Manager for over 10 years before joining the sales team. Kevin knows the products inside and out, and has deep connections in the outdoor and recreation markets. That expertise is aligned with Kevin’s bottomless enthusiasm for collaborating with customers.


COVID-19 and supply chain disruptions: Managing the new normal

By now, we are all no doubt growing weary of hearing about and dealing with the Coronavirus. Many have been personally impacted by the virus, and everybody has been affected by the resulting societal changes. Masks, separation, remote working, and much more. COVID-19 has turned what was normal and predictable into a constant challenge. How does this specifically affect Thermetrics customers? As labs are slowly returning to full capacity and managing testing backlogs, our service and support team is helping ensure Thermetrics instruments are up to the task with both on-site and remote service and calibration options.


To compound things, global supply chain disruptions are causing longer lead times and price escalation on raw materials and manufactured parts. We are applying three strategies to reduce impact on our clients: 1) Increased inventory to ensure long-term availability; 2) Dynamic design changes to replace unavailable components; 3) Regular communication with customers about active order status.


For our clients taking delivery of new equipment, we are scheduling in-person startup and training visits by fully vaccinated Thermetrics staff. For organizations where in-person visits aren’t a viable option, we can provide virtual startup support with a real-time video headset and remote computer connection.


I am optimistic 2022 will be a year of return-to-in-person, and look forward to more opportunities to get together to geek out and laugh together.


Warm regards,

Rick Burke, Thermetrics President