Happy Retirement Dave!

After 18+ years at Thermetrics, Dave Heiss, our International Sales Director, will be retiring at the end of May (May 28, 2021). When Dave joined Thermetrics in 2003, we were a box of thermal geeks without a promotional voice. Since that time, Dave has grown our domestic and international sales and also been the “behind-the-scenes” author for brochures, product literature, newsletters, the website blog, and other company communications. Chances are it was Dave who introduced you to the many manikin and hotplate innovations developed by Thermetrics over the years.

Dave Heiss, Thermetrics alumnus and future island hopper

Of course, if you attended a trade show or conference Dave was the person you were most likely to see. Dave has been the face of Thermetrics for half of the company’s existence, and he will be missed. 

Despite our best attempts to chain him to his desk, there are mountains, pastures and hiking shoes, along with grandkids waiting for him. We wish Dave well and thank him for sharing his time and talent with the Thermetrics family. Feel free to connect with him in the next few weeks to share your memories and gratitude.

Aki Sirkkola, Thermetrics International Sales

Aki has been part of Thermetrics service/support division since he joined the company in 2014, and he will bring impressive technical knowledge to the international sales role.  There is a good chance you already know Aki, as he has worked with the vast majority of Thermetrics customers and on our systems in the field.

So please join me in a heartfelt goodbye to Dave and a warm welcome to Aki as he steps into the International Sales position.