Copper Slug Calorimeter Sensors

Copper Slug Calorimeter Sensors, for ASTM / ISO Testing

Thermetrics Copper Slug Calorimeter Sensors combine high performance and fast delivery at a reasonable price.

Accurate sensors are key to accurate energy exposure predictions. As recognized leaders in the thermal measurement field, Thermetrics now offers its own line of accurate, readily available copper slug calorimeter sensors for the TPP, RPP, CCHR, and other thermal protection test devices.

Key benefits of the Thermetrics sensors are:

  • Sensor dimensions are compliant with ASTM guidelines to be interchangeable across all models and manufacturers of TPP and RPP devices.
  • The slug is made of oxygen free high conductivity copper machined to precise weight and dimensional tolerances.
  • Calibrated per known methods using ISO/IEC 17025 practices.

Please inquire about ISO-type RPP sensors, CCHR sensors and custom copper slug calorimeter sensor applications.

Thermetrics maintains a standard inventory of TPP and RPP calibrated sensors for immediate delivery.

Copper Slug Calorimeter Sensors