Thermetrics Hosts ASTM Week ‘Fire and Ice’ Event

On the cusp of the summer 2022 season, the Thermetrics team was delighted to open our factory doors for an evening we won’t forget anytime soon.

Our “Fire and Ice” event included manikin factory tours, flash fire cylinder demonstrations, and a steady supply of spicy margaritas, of course.

thermetrics flash fire demo
One of the evening’s Flash Fire Cylinder demonstrations

And who can forget the delight of our Lead Service Engineer, Daniel Corona, surprising us all with a musical performance alongside his talented band, Mariachi Alma Nueva. 

Mariachi Alma Nueva, featuring our very own Daniel Corona, second from right

However, the greatest highlight of the evening was connecting with long-time colleagues and new acquaintances in person. Our deepest thanks to everyone who attended!

thermetrics astm fire and ice event
Selfie fun with our ANDI Manikin!

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And safe travels back home for all our non-local attendees!

Rick Burke and Team Thermetrics 

Liz Female Thermal Manikin Puts in the Reps at Nike’s Innovation Center

We’re excited to share with the Thermetrics community that two of our thermal manikins were highlighted in a recent Fast Company article showcasing Nike’s LeBron James Innovation Center.

Our new female thermal manikin Liz was pictured alongside our Newton manikin on treadmills inside one of the lab’s environmental chambers. Each manikin, garbed in Nike athletic apparel, could be seen being put through the paces in a high-temperature, high-humidity environment, connected to specialized control software. 

Image credit: Photo by Mark Wilson, senior writer at Fast Company

The Liz female manikin, like her brother Newton, is divided into body regions that can be independently temperature- and sweat rate-controlled. The system measures thermal and moisture management behavior of garments in real-time with a high degree of realism. Such data can be used to improve end-user protection and thermal comfort in performance wear and protective apparel.

We commend Nike for taking such a forward-thinking approach to the design and testing of athletic garments for the female form! 

Do you develop performance wear or protective apparel for women; test products for women; or do research into thermal safety and comfort? Reach out for more information about our Liz female thermal manikin and view the full product page here.

    Are you considering an equipment purchase?Are you looking for help with product testing?Are you looking for help with an existing product?

    Happy Retirement Dave!

    After 18+ years at Thermetrics, Dave Heiss, our International Sales Director, will be retiring at the end of May (May 28, 2021). When Dave joined Thermetrics in 2003, we were a box of thermal geeks without a promotional voice. Since that time, Dave has grown our domestic and international sales and also been the “behind-the-scenes” author for brochures, product literature, newsletters, the website blog, and other company communications. Chances are it was Dave who introduced you to the many manikin and hotplate innovations developed by Thermetrics over the years.

    Dave Heiss, Thermetrics alumnus and future island hopper

    Of course, if you attended a trade show or conference Dave was the person you were most likely to see. Dave has been the face of Thermetrics for half of the company’s existence, and he will be missed. 

    Despite our best attempts to chain him to his desk, there are mountains, pastures and hiking shoes, along with grandkids waiting for him. We wish Dave well and thank him for sharing his time and talent with the Thermetrics family. Feel free to connect with him in the next few weeks to share your memories and gratitude.

    Aki Sirkkola, Thermetrics International Sales

    Aki has been part of Thermetrics service/support division since he joined the company in 2014, and he will bring impressive technical knowledge to the international sales role.  There is a good chance you already know Aki, as he has worked with the vast majority of Thermetrics customers and on our systems in the field.

    So please join me in a heartfelt goodbye to Dave and a warm welcome to Aki as he steps into the International Sales position.

    Introducing the newest member of our thermal manikin family

    April 7, 2021

    Thermetrics is proud to present our newly developed female thermal manikin! May 4, 2021 Update: The community has spoken and the final selected name is Liz. Thank you to all who participated in her naming!


    Our manikins have measured comfort in car cabins, estimated heat stress in protective wear, evaluated space suits for NASA, and supported testing for countless other scenarios. But, all of these scenarios have been tested using a male manikin.


    It’s time all garments and gear designed for females are tested with female manikins. Female thermal manikins are vastly underrepresented in the research and testing arena, and those that are in use often resemble store mannequins—a far cry from realistic female anthropometry. As a result, products designed to enhance performance, health, and safety for women may not perform as promised.


    You’ve designed for women. Now you can test for women.



    About the names

    Cori. “Cori” is suggested to honor Gerty Cori (1896-1957) who was the first woman awarded the Nobel prize in physiology and medicine. She earned the Nobel Prize in 1947 for her discovery of the course of carbohydrate metabolism, where glucose is broken down into lactic acid and used for energy storage, known as the Cori Cycle. Gerti Cora was a trailblazer during an era of male-dominated scientific research. Understanding energy storage and consumption is key for thermal manikins, especially if they couple to a physiology model like this one does.

    Joules. The name Joules is a natural nod to the energy balance critical to the design and use of Thermal manikins. The Joule is a derived energy unit equivalent to kg m2/sec2. More practically, one Joule is the energy dissipated when 1 ampere flows through a resistance of 1 ohm. Or in the case of this specific female manikin with surface area of 1.61 square meters, a 1 MET activity level during a 30 minute ASTM F2370 test duration would generate 168,664 Joules from the manikin heaters.

    Liz. The name “Liz” is proposed in honor of Dr. Elizabeth “Liz” McCullough who spent her career working with manikins, and who was a strong female leader and pioneer in this field. No female scientist worldwide has done more with thermal manikins to advance testing, development, and standardization of improved protective clothing, sleeping systems, and personal protective equipment. Liz has published over 100 scientific papers and book chapters, and her work has been incorporated into textbooks in multiple languages. She has been the primary author of several ASTM standards, including standards utilizing thermal manikins. Liz was the driving force behind developing a successful and internationally known textile testing program using manikins at Kansas State University.